Medium is the Message

The medium is the massage, it’s almost a double meaning. Obviously it’s a typo on the original title “Medium is the Message”, some say that it’s symbolic of mass age. Whatever the meaning may be for the reason Mcluhan chose to keep the typo in the title is anyone’s guess. The contents found in Mcluhan’s theory were revolutionary, the idea that the way something is shown is more important than what is being shown was never thought of before Mcluhan. It almost eerily predicted the rise of digital media almost 4 decades earlier. The idea that each medium creates its own environment where culture changes. It can be seen most evidently in the difference between Legacy media and Digital media, what is culturally accepted and expected from Legacy media is different compared to Digital media. For example it is expected when you watch a news program on TV that their going to present unbiased factual reporting whilst the internet seems to be unreliable, as we move forward the views are changing on this but is still a good representation of the different environments created by mediums. There are many other factors that go into the changing environment, such as how we watch and expectations. Mcluhan’s work is still being used today by individuals studying media in their pursuit to understand the massage.   

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