The Glitch Aesthetic

Second blog for 112 and i have no idea what’s going on, but what’s new. In this week’s 112 blog we expanded on the ideas of mediums. We were discussing ‘The logic of digital production and the network economy’. We focused on glitch, aesthetics and vapourware, all things that I didn’t know of before.  Well I knew what a glitch was and had an ‘aesthetic’ already envisioned in my head. I did not know what glitch art was, but i do now. It’s using the aesthetic expected from a glitch and molding it into art, this can create wonderful art pieces that are representative of the digital age we live in. We had to create glitch art and even know i am terrible with technology even i can create semi decent glitch art. I used giphy because for me it was the most simple and i just put it over some completely random pictures i had to make ART.

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