In this lecture we delve further into propaganda, in an attempt to understand why and how we are being manipulated by the media. The concept I wanted to discuss through this blog post is schema. Schema in the context to media studies refers to ideas that we have based upon being repeatedly told something by the media. We have all probably been at least somewhat affected by this form of manipulation. Let’s be real, we’re all sheep people, I definitely am. Companies can use schema to increase brand awareness, for example nike. Apple are one of the most recognisable brands on planet earth, and they play on the schema of creativity and innovation. People buy Apple for the prestige it provides, not for the quality. They buy to be creative or an individual or some other nonsense that Apple has been spewing in their ad campaigns for the last decade. Realising im a massive hypocrite because i’m writing this on a macbook pro but at least i’m self aware.

Now watch me show how much of a sheep i am by doing a guess for that brand quiz

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