Bcm 112 Beta post

If you somehow haven’t heard Trent, Alex and I have been doing a podcast called Major Trouble. The podcast has at the time of writing 6 episodes, our first episode done amazing with 315 views but since then there has been a steady decline. Through our analysis we believe there is something we aren’t doing to get it suggested in youtube’s algorithms. Also it could be due to our lack of consistency of uploads, it was and still is intended to be a weekly podcast but due to some circumstances out of our hands it has made it extremely difficult to maintain a steady stream of content. One of the first changes we were forced to make was to move to recording it on discord instead in the university recording studio, this ment we couldn’t resume facecam until recently. In our comments we received a lot of advice since our pilot on how to improve the podcast (all screenshots and analytics found in the doc below). One of the key parts of promotion of podcasts has been our branding, we outsourced both our logo creation and banner to other creators (Amy and Paddy) and we also have got the assistance from Tori to run our socials (Instagram and Twitter) with these we are hoping they will help us grow our brand. One of our biggest successes promoting the use of reddit, we posted on r/uow, r/university, r/australia and r/wollongong. We received almost double the amount of views on the video the week we posted on reddit.

Google docs with all analytics-https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Dd6QF8LXG8XG716Ow9-0fO4XrolJFPdyqRfTDA2Yo8E/edit

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