Hyperreality in modern society

So far in Bcm 112 my tiny mind has been shattered, thrown at a wall and then put back together just in time for the process to repeat again. This week was no different, I was ready to dive in and meet a concert bottom called Hyperreality. What is Hyperreality, it is the inability to distinguish reality from the simulation of reality. As we enter a more and more digital age this becomes much more pressing. We constantly are living in a world in between reality and hyperreality. We live in reality but most of our consumption of entertainment comes from the hyperreality, the instagram models who seem perfect, people the same age as us seeming living a life 10x better than us and the youtube vloggers living this perfect life for the cameras. But it’s all fake. It’s a distorted reality they are creating so we watch, we want that life for ourselves but subconsciously we know it is not real so we resign to watching it through a window frame.

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