Open source vs Closed source

This week in Bcm 112 we learned about open source and closed source software. We also went into deep debate about which is better, Apple or Android. As two of the biggest phone OS, ios and android and the fact that one is close sourced and one is open lead to heaps of debate. But all I could hear was BROKE. 

So what’s the difference well…

Well closed source like the name suggests means the author of the code has complete control over any changes made to the code. This means they complete control over the source code and who uses it meaning they can realistically maintain a high quality but it’s much more expensive and means you must innovate constantly.

Open source is the opposite, it’s pretty much anyone has access. This type of system relies on collective intelligence for innovation and it is overall cheaper than closed source as you’re not solely reliant on yourself for developments. It just needs to then be fitted to your hardware.

Before you go, Stay woke, Don’t be broke. Buy Apple.

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