DA Pitch

Last semester I was a part of the ICONIC Major Trouble podcast alongside fellow uni students Alex Williams and Trent Allchin but after semester one we decided to part with the podcast. So now I had to think of a new DA, so i decided to start 30 Clip Productions a youtube channel where i create basketball videos in the style of Jxmyhighroller and Rusty Buckets.

The goal here is to further increase my skills in video editing whilst doing something I enjoy. My videos are perfectly FIFO as they are extremely cheap and dont take long to make. I also have been working on promotion by using apps like Hardwood Amino and subreddits like r/basketball.

2 thoughts on “DA Pitch

  1. Good job man, great sum up of what’s coming for your upcoming YouTube channel! For what you intend to accomplish editing can be very tiresome especially when caught up with uni work, so I might suggest outsourcing it to a video editor that you can pay for cheap when you don’t have time. Basically just pay people to do the things you can’t! Good luck mate!


  2. Hey mate, great summary of the start of a new project in this Youtube Channel. As a tip for fellow content creators such as yourself, editing can be long, hard or boring, or you might not even have enough time to do it. Therefore outsourcing to editors on fiverr or freelancer.com where you pay cheap for edits can be useful when you don’t have the resources to. Basically anything you can’t do can be done by someone else if you pay them. Apart from that everything is looking potentially amazing. Good luck mate.


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