BCM 206- Network Empathy

This week in Bcm 114 we covered different types of networks and weaponized empathy. The types of networks we discussed were centralised, decentralised and distributed. While all of these networks are very different they all have the purpose of connecting and sharing information. Centralised networks are still the most commonly used but slowly are being overtaken by the other two. Centralised is more than often full of gatekeepers therefore keeping it selective of what’s shown. Both decentralised and distributed networks operate in a different way, compared to centralised both have very few gatekeepers allowing a more free spread of information.

In the tutorial we discussed weaponized empathy, we used to discuss covid advertising and news reporting to see how they use weaponized empathy. Weaponized empathy is common in centralised networks as they can more precisely control the narrative. This can be dangerous as it can cause effects like moral panic because of fear mongering.

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