Youtube’s taking over my life and probably yours

Social media has become of massive importance in our daily lives. Whether you view this as a positive or negative is upto your personal belief. Social media is one of the most powerful tools in modern society, it can be used for many purposes from building your brand to just using it to connect to friends. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to social media, from the stone ages of facebook to the gram to even something like TikTok. But what about youtube, well is Youtube even social media.

Well Youtube is considered social media, and Youtube is one of the largest as it’s the 2nd largest search engine only behind Google. So Youtube like many other video sharing platforms allows its users to create their own content and share it. One of the positives of Youtube is it allows you to select what sort of content you would like to watch rather than using its algorithm to suggest more videos in that genre or style which means you can either be active or passive when deciding what videos you want to watch.

Youtube has many affordances from commenting on videos, liking videos and comments and even creating your own content. Youtube for me was a way to connect to communities that i couldn’t previously. For example i’m a big basketball fan now but when i was first getting into it i watched a lot of Jxmyhighroller and SDC to first get into it and understand the game. If Youtube wasn’t a thing then maybe I wouldn’t be a NBA fan right now. This initial connection is what inspired me to make my own basketball content on Youtube. Youtube in general is a very simple app to use, either if you’re just watching your favourite creators and it’s been streamlined that publishing videos is fairly simple.

Youtube’s key demographic initially was probably late teens to early adults but now as it’s grown to one of the biggest platforms on the planet it more suits access to anyone. Youtube’s suggested algorithm works both in suggesting personalised videos and on the trending page. The personalisation is based on your recently viewed videos and changes and suggest new content as you watch new and different videos. While the trending is more youtube promoting, as the trending page has become more filled with more mainstream and marketable creators, for example Jimmy Kimmel shows seems to be always on trending because youtube pushes that sort of content as it is more suitable for advisterses. I’ve also noticed there doesn’t seem to be many Australian youtubers in my feed at any given time but when I upload most of my traffic is from Australia.

Renee Middlemost lecture week 4
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