DA Update

So if you’re in the know basically a little around a month ago I decided for my DA I was going to create a basketball youtube channel. Since the creation I have had a lot of learning moments, mini success and plenty and plenty of interesting moments. One of the first moments i can remember as key was deciding to use reddit and hardwood amino to promote my channel. Initially i was doing this by posting on video promotion sub reddits but recently i began to post on reddits of teams i was covering in the video. I have noticed a significant increase in the views on my videos since, my Bruno Caboclo video did really well and definitely surpassed most of my videos in views especially in the first 24 hours. I’m hoping to continue to use these platforms to promote and grow my channel.

 I’ve also received feedback from members in the community such as Alvini Linguine, Tresse and TBK which have all given me advice on ways I can improve in video creation and in promotion. For example Alvin gave me advice to be more loose and not so rigid when speaking which is something I’m still trying to improve upon. Also I’ve made sure my thumbnails have a distinct aesthetic style so when people see them they can easily connect that it’s created by me. 

Another massive thing that happened whilst working on my DA is balancing DA work with other subjects work. I originally was going to try and upload 3 videos a week but it became too taxing and I eventually dropped to 2 and now 1. I’m hoping to at least remain consistent.

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