Beta blog post

Hey welcome to my beta blog post. It’s been a little while since my last update on my DA so i’ll try and fill you in with everything that has happened during this time. Firstly I partnered with OPG.Prod who makes the music for my videos, he also assists in promoting and in general supporting the channel. I’ve been conscious to try and network with other creators in the genre, most through twitter. Whether it’s creators like Simi or Romp 2.0. I’ve also changed my promotion strategy so I can better target specific audiences for my videos. FOr example in my first video using this strategy I promoted teams Bruno Caboclo had played for. This has raised my average video views and already proven to have had a good effect on my channel’s success. I’ve also decided that I was going to reduce my video output to one a week to better balance my DA and other uni work. This has also assisted in reducing the amount of burnout I had, since this change i still have had a lack of motivation but i have found a better balance between my different subjects.

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