OP 2

Hey welcome back, a fair amount has changed since the last time you were here. So as you would know if you have read my previous blogs I run a youtube channel called 30 clip productions. Since its creation I have gained over 3,222 video views and over 4,500 hours of watch time. The channel only being made in august has been in my opinion a massive success. 

One of the keys to this success was networking, early on in my content making journey I had other creators I could turn to and ask for advice. Including TBK and Alvini Linguine. Since those days I have made connections with other content creators including Romp 2.0 and Simi. But one of the most key relationships I was able to build was with my producer OPG.prod. With the use of his beats it added another layer to my videos and I believe has improved the quality. Through us both working together we have both been able to help grow each other’s channels.

Another key thing I’ve said a million times is that reddit is one of the most important promotion tools available. Since using reddit my average views have skyrocketed, now having 6 videos above 200 views on the channel. Overall using reddit as a way to promote is key to succeeding on your DA.

Another key factor is balance, too me balancing my DA with other Uni work has been pretty hard at times. I have had to take multiple breaks to avoid completely burning out. When I first created my DA I wanted to make 3 videos a week but honestly that was way too ambitious. For a while I put out 2 a week which was alright but as the semester carried on I had to prioritize other uni-work. One video a week was perfect balance as it allowed me to continue to upload consistently and not worry about burnout or not uploading because of other work becoming too much.

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