Bcm 206 Week 10

War which was once waged on the battlefields have evolved, now the new emerging battlefield is the online digital space. Cyberwarfare includes many things from targeted DDOS to hacking and releasing information. One of the most common forms of Cyberwarfare is what is known as Cyber misconduct which is infecting a system with ransomware which disables the device with a flood of messages. This is known as a denial of service attack. While these are common, these are hardly the only one used by our governments. The british intelligence agency reportedly used software that would scan millions of IP addresses of entire countries looking for weaknesses in software with the goal of identifying every weakness in the country’s internet structure. Much of the information we know about digital warfare and surveillance was released by infamous whistleblower Edward Snowden.

One thought on “Bcm 206 Week 10

  1. Thanks heaps for the read! Again astonished at the level in which some of these topics are regarded by senior organisations like within the U.S. Government. I wasn’t aware how how the public came to know about cyberwarefare until your blog post. There is definitely a level of irony that it was released as a leak as result of hacking.


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