Bcm 206 Week 6

In this week’s lecture we discussed the idea of the attention economy and the long tail effect. To understand the long tail effect you have to understand the previous paradigm. The legacy media paradigm is based on a ‘Hit Driven’ business model where you have to follow a certain way and if not you are risking a lot because it has a high risk of failure. This style is the most common as it targets the largestest market of people, for example a blockbuster film will always beat out an indie project. The long trail effect is in the opposite of the legacy media paradigm as it focuses on marketing at the lowest common denominator. The long trail effect can be summarised as occurring when the sale of not common goods are sold and can potentially earn large profits. 

One thought on “Bcm 206 Week 6

  1. Great post1 I think drawing on the direct differences between past media media paeradigms and the long tail effect is a great way in getting people to understand it. I find it interesting how the are polar opposites in the way they work. Particularly i find the Netflix example really interesting, which is what wrote bout.


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