Bcm 206 week 8

One thing that I learned through my journey of comms and media, is that memes can be used for warfare. Meme warfare can be described as anything that uses meme format to spread information or dis-information. Memes themselves in this case don’t have to be funny in the slightest, it just has to be something that can be easily reposted and reformatted on the internet. A great example would be the draft of our daughters. With the spread of memes today the power is greater than ever. Anything can be turned into a meme and spread information, this power has been vital in the rise of movements such as the BLM movement.

One thought on “Bcm 206 week 8

  1. The idea that memes could be utilised to propagate disinformation quickly was completely foreign to me three years ago. I think the “draft our daughters” campaign we were given is perfect, but i like the reference you have made to the more positive, recent BLM Movement. Great post, thanks!


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