Digital Artifact

Hey welcome to my final Digital Artifact blog post this semester, in this post i’ll be recapping everything i’ve done this semester. Well the first thing to do is to understand what 30 clip productions are and why they exist. Well 30 clip productions is a basketball youtube channel, i produce videos discussing players careers and NBA teams. I created this channel after the Major Trouble podcast (previous DA) ended. It so happened that the NBA was coming back after the covid lockdown and I was consuming a lot more basketball content. I decided I was going to create these types of videos after analysing what probably went wrong with the Major Trouble Podcast. Previously I wasn’t fully invested into the podcast as the topics weren’t ones I was particularly interested in. So deciding to do something I was genuinely quite interested.

After uploading my first video on the 5th of August , my channel has racked up 4,992 video views and 38 subscribers. One video ‘What Happened to Dennis Smith Jr’ has gotten over 3.1 thousand views. 

My first learning moment was in regards to promotion, previously i was just posting my videos to youtube and mainly using twitter to promote my videos. This wasn’t a great way to get views as only people who are following you can really see it so it will be difficult for you to get lots of new eyes on a video unless it gets promoted by the youtube algorithm. I decide to more target advertise my videos, i done this by promoting videos to sub reddits of teams that the player played for because they would in theory be more likely to click on the video. Since using this strategy my average views have increased massively with only one video not breaking the 200 view mark in this time.

Also during a similar time period I was focusing on making connections in the basketball youtube scene. In the beginning I was getting advice from content creators like Alvini and TBK on how to improve my videos and grow an audience and they gave me valuable advice. One of the most important connections I made was with who has been letting me use his beats in my videos. The use of his music has improved the quality of my videos a ton and overall his support has been a massive factor in growth.

After a few weeks of uploading I did run into my first issue which was time management and motivation. Both are key factors in the success of digital artefacts and especially a YouTube channel. Originally in my pitch video I was uploading 2 videos a week and was planning to upload that to 3 videos a week. Not too long after though i noticed myself getting burned out as 3 videos plus other university work mixed together created a fair amount of stress. I decided that changing to one video a week should be the way forward as it allowed me to focus on other uni work whilst also still making work for my DA.

Overall my DA has been massive success in my opinion this semester, and I hope to continue it over the University break and then into a new semester.

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