BCM 212 Reflection

In the process of compiling my BCM 212 research portfolio I learned many different things in regards to the research process. In my research I used forms of research known as qualitative and quantitative research, prior to starting the research project I was unaware of these types of research and what they meant. I also had a lot of learning moments as well during the making of this report especially in regards to time management. I believe I could have done better in this report if I more smartly planned out when I would do the steps to complete the research. Even though I did create a gantt chart for this project I did not follow it, much of the project was done during the last 2 weeks. This left us trying to balance doing this while also trying to manage other classes, assignments and personal matters. 

If I was to do this project again I would have done a few things differently. Firstly I would have followed a gantt chart or another time management tool more strictly, this would have massively helped me to better manage my time and avoid stress and overworking myself. I would have also liked to receive more feedback on my twitter polls and interviews. For my interviews I asked more people but many said they were busy and would not like to participate. The polls themselves didn’t receive many votes which is negative for the validity of this assessment. To remove these obstacles I should have asked for the interviews earlier because it seemed that people were refusing to do them because they were busy with university work at the time.

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