Dribbling into my DA

Hey, welcome to my first blog post in BCM241. Exciting times. Well might as well get right into it and stop fluffing up to fill the word limit. For this first blog we were asked to discuss our media niche that we will be using in our DA. So if you couldn’t tell by my past DA’s I’m a massive sports fan in particular basketball. So I think that would be most likely the media niche I will use in my DA. Specifically the more ‘hard-core’ NBA fan base that cares about things like in depth statistics for example.

How does basketball relate to media ethnographies well? It’s all about fundamentals. In Daymon Christine and Holloway Immy paper ‘Ethnography’ they described ethnography “ethnography entails researchers immersing themselves in the natural setting and cultural life of a group, organization or community for an extended period of fieldwork” With the purpose of “understand the cultural world of participants in the study, and the symbolic role of communications”. 

So now with a firm understanding of what media ethnography is, how does this reflect my choice of niche. Well we have been asked to think about how we consume and use media, well when i dove into that i noticed that i prodmentaly used platforms like youtube, tiktok and twitter and on these platforms i consumed a lot of basketball content. It does make sense as previously for DA and personal use I actually ran a basketball youtube channel called 30 clip production where I produce videos that were in depth looks at player careers, teams and interesting facts about the NBA in general. 

So persona, well persona is the way an individual projects themselves. In this context it relates to how content creators use persona’s to project a layer of individuality in their content. A persona is not a brand, a brand can include someone’s persona but persona itself is something different. For example, for me my persona is 30 clip productions. I try and project is someone who is a hardcore NBA fan, i’m also trying to add into my online persona some humor in their to separate myself from other content creators in the NBA youtube community.

So this is my idea, I’ve linked a video of mine I have uploaded as a reference to the material i would be producing in this DA.

30 Clip Productions YouTube video, example of my content produced.


BCM 241 Lecture Wk 3 part 2

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