King of trash

Well from last week’s blog post about a beloved franchise like Spyro the Dragon to now diving into the sewers of gaming history to hopefully catch us a ‘bad’ game. Gaming as media has produced classic games and franchises from the grand theft auto games which are cutting edge in detail for sandbox games and the mario games which laid the framework of platforms both 2D and 3D but we still have some stinkers from time to time. We have had some bad games, from broken mechanics, bad game design and bugs which make the game unplayable. But one game stands high on the mountain of sewage waste which is the ‘bad’ games, one that causes the crash of the western gaming industry. Well of course I’m talking about E.T. not the movie following a loveable alien but rather a gaming following a whole less loveable pixelated version of E.T. 

The game was released december 1982, and was bad even for games of that time. Slammed by critics as boring, terrible graphics even for the time and clunky unplayable controls. But the game itself wasn’t the reason it’s so notable, it’s because of how much this game affected the entire industry around it. Atari spent a massive amount of money to license the product somewhere around 20 million dollars which was unheard of for a game at the time. Atari was so sure it was going to be a success but well spoilers it wasn’t. But in all honesty ET wasn’t the only reason the Western gaming industry collapsed in 1983, it was because poor quality control by Atari’s part which led to the gaming industry to become oversaturated with poorly made products. E.T. It was the final nail in the coffin as it was a highly anticipated release that was so bad that it made many believe that home video games were a failure.

The gaming industry rebounded when Nintendo started releasing consoles and the failure of Atari is also why Nintendo is so strict even to this day with licensing 3rd party games for their consoles. So in conclusion Atari is bad, E.T. The game is really bad don’t play.

I have of course never played E.T. because i wasn’t even a concept in 1981 so i have left a link to someone else playing the game as well as a short comical video talking about this topic.


BCM 215 Wk 3 Lectures

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