Tiny me and my experience with a purple dragon

It’s sometime in the mid-2000’s a young Kyle has just come over to his Nan’s for friday night dinner, he runs to the spare room and boots up the old ps1 in the spare room and begins to play a game. Spyro: Year of the Dragon, even the title of Spyro gives me massive nostalgia. Spyro as a game was a 3D platform along the same lines as Crash Bandicoot and was released on the Playstation 1, the game followed the Spyro who has to help the elder dragons retrieve the baby dragon eggs stolen by an evil sorcerer who is the main villain. Honestly the story of this game in my opinion doesn’t matter, my child brain couldn’t comprehend it either way and this was still in the early days of gaming. The story wasn’t the main focal point but rather a vessel to justify the player doing the things they are doing and giving them tasks. The beauty of these older games is the simplicity of them, Spyro is pretty much just your average 3D action platformer for the time with jumping puzzles, enemies dumber than rocks and a simple story to keep the player engaged. 

When asked how I could analyse a game i really couldn’t think but i realised something when looking back at this game. It gave me an overwhelming amount of nostalgia, Spyro as a series is one that holds a special place in my childhood. It was probably one of the first games I ever played, even whilst looking at footage for this game to write this blog post I was flooded with memories from my childhood. The game completely rapped me into this fantsitcaly world of Spyro. From the sound design in the game, the game’s level design and the beautiful sky box which made this super linier game feel massive to me as a child.

Nostalgia, especially video game nostalgia is something that is increasingly becoming relevant as gaming has grown in the last 25 or so years. People who would have played games in the Spyro trilogy would be entering their late-twenties or early thirties and have massive Nostalgia for these games that they played in their youth. This can be seen in the fact that Spyro had a remaster of the original trilogy made in 2018 for the ps4 which was celebrating the original’s release in 1998. 

For an actual analysis of this game I would love to conduct interviews with people who played this game in their youth and understand what this game symbolises to them. Then I would turn it into a video essay to show the power of nostalgia in older video games using Spyro as a case study.


BCM 215 Lecture week 2

Youtube.com. 2021. [online] Available at: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4vlS5j3kac&gt; [Accessed 24 August 2021].

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