30 Clip Productions Field Map

Well well here you are again… Welcome back, how’s the kids. Well I’m back with another weekly blog post. Last week we discussed my media niche, which is of course basketball. I have previously used my 30 Clip Productions youtube channel in previous digital artifacts. So I have experience in interacting with my niche audience of basketball fans. I am also fairly active in consuming basketball related content from other creators on the platforms such as youtube, tic tok and twitter.

So I have used an observational method of conducting my research into my media niche. The method of research I would be conducting is Participating Observation which is observing the information as well as participating in the area of research. For me as I consume a large amount of basketball related content on platforms such as youtube and tic tok I have a fair understanding on how the basketball community online works and interacts, I would also be an active participant as I am a content creator.

The next step of this process is to create a field site.

As you can see my field site consists of the platforms the community predominantly uses, topics that are common in the community, participants and examples of what I previously mentioned. The key areas of my field site were platforms, participants, persona and style. Each area serves its own aspect in regards to the field site of my channel 30 Clip Productions. To explain more furthoughly, for example something like style is important as many different individuals in the community may discuss the same topics but in different styles. Whether that be more factual and serious or more in a causal way. A good example for me would be the difference between Rusty Buckets and Motown Noah. Both NBA content creators who may talk about the same topics but approach it in a different way, this also relates to their personas as when talking about a field site all of the factors come together to make it.


BCM 241 week 3 lecture part 2

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