BCM 215 DA Pitch

Contextual Blog post

For my digital artifact as I stated in my video pitch, I will be creating a video series that would be regarding the game series Grand Theft Auto 3D universe. Due to the time constrictions in the video I would like to clarify a few things in regards to timeline and execution. As stated in the video production will begin week 5, the videos will be around 10-20 minutes long depending on how much information i will be able to find which should be relatively easy to find as the GTA series is quite popular. The sources will be mostly articles regarding the games and the appropriate topics layed out in my video pitch. For example in my video regarding Grand Theft Auto San Andreas i would talk about the controversial ‘Hot Coffee Mod’ which was found in the files of the game, the hot coffee mod was a interactive sex mini game that was found in the files of GTA San Andreas. The mod caused a lot of controversy at the time and sparked social groups to fight against rockstar games and cause moral panic regarding the Grand Theft Auto series and other violent video games.


BCM 215 lectures Wk2, Wk3 and Wk4

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