BCM 241 DA Pitch

To clarify what I said in the pitch video regarding a timeline, I will be posting a video once a week for week 5 onwards until this assessment is finished. The posting of the video weekly is important to analyse how the community interacts with my persona as well as to see how other influencers in the community affect the way I produce my video in regards to style and topics. This component of the assessment will require me to analyse not just me as an audience member of the community but also as a creator and see how others in the space influence my videos. I will be predominantly looking at how the influencer domino effect works in regards to the NBA community with my primary platforms being Youtube, TikTok and Twitter as these are platforms I either consume content from or create it. I would be utilizing research methods and strategies such as Participant Observation and Field Mapping to understand how the community interacts with influencers inside of it. 


BCM 241 lectures Wk2, Wk3 and Wk4

One thought on “BCM 241 DA Pitch

  1. To be honest I have no clue about the NBA but I love the idea of analyzing your influence on your viewer’s perceptions of the sport especially with your advanced knowledge on it already. The only advice or ideas I could perhaps give you might be to look at other sports influencers that are at a similar place as you and see if they are causing the same levels of influence and why that might or might not be the case. With focusing on specific teams and players you might want to look at including specific player pairs that influence the run of play or even controversial calls and rules, e.g. the difference between a block and a charge.


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