The feedback loop goes round and round

So last week for BCM 215 we were asked to create a pitch for our digital artifact. Now this week we have been tasked with providing feedback to others in our class about their digital artifacts. The feedback being provided through this task is related to the Rubric provided and our personal view of what they did well in regards to their pitch. Below I have provided screenshots of the pitches I gave feedback to.

When giving feedback to others I mostly looked at how well the pitch was compared to what was expected in the Rubric. I felt like I was fair in my feedback, I prioritized telling them what they did well in their pitches so they can build upon that later in their DA. I am not qualified to give harsh feedback to others so rather I choose to highlight areas where they have done well in. The pitches I looked at were all interesting concepts, had good use of concepts discussed in the lectures and were very clear in what they intend to do in regards to execution of their DA.

I think a large takeaway from this exercise was how important it is to provide feedback to others. When looking at others’ work I found it made it easier to understand concepts I was unfamiliar with prior but now looking at it through the lens of a teacher has made it much easier to understand these concepts. It also has given me some ideas on how potentially I could improve my own Digital Artifact with concepts and ideas that I couldn’t think of prior to doing this task.


BCM 215 Wk 5 lecture.

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