The Feedback loop

In this week’s BCM 241 blog post we were asked to give some feedback to others in our class about their Digital Artefacts they posted last week. We have been asked to give feedback to 3 different digital artifacts. The feedback was related to the rubric and what we thought they did well in their blog post. Below I have provided the screenshots of the blog’s i did comment on.

When giving feedback to these individuals I mostly looked at the rubric to see if they had hit on all bases. I felt like I was fair when I was giving feedback, I mostly look for clarity myself and their ability to express what their digital artifact is and how it relates to media ethnographies. I could have probably spent more time looking at the digital artifacts and trying to gauge them more but due to the time limitations of this assignment I was unable to. Overall though I believe I did a decent job at evaluating these individuals’ works.

 When reviewing these digital artifacts and looking at them through the lens of a teacher or marker I found that afterwards I understood the topics discussed in the pitch better. Through this I have become more aware of certain aspects of my digital artifact that I had missed in my own pitch. I think overall this experience of giving feedback has been positive as I was able to look at others’ work and it has given me ideas I can implement in my own digital artifact to improve it.


BCM 241 Wk 5 lecture

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