30 clip productions Beta

Since my pitch blog post I have made a few more changes. I realised from the peer feedback I received on my pitch I had not included enough information in regards to ethical considerations on my autoethnographic research and how I intended to collect this research data. Well firstly I intended on gathering my research by observing trends in the community and how those trends impact the community. I have decided to use a case study (community’s reception to Russell Westbrook last season) and compared it to more recent trends in the community to help evaluate the impact influencers have on the community. I will be doing this by looking at the data of a select number of creators of varying sizes across platforms (YouTube and Twitter) and see how topics and trends have influenced them and their particular fan-bases.

For my research I have to make some ethical considerations. I, as a part of my study will not be looking too deeply into any individual personally, rather I will be looking at their public persona and their methods of content creation as well as their impact on their fan-base. When analysing each fan-base I will have to be fair in my judgements I make about and not let any bias towards any creator or fan-base impact the validity of my research.


BCM 241 lectures Wk 3, Wk 4, Wk7, Wk8

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