BCM 215 Beta

Hopefully you enjoyed my video for my bcm 215 Beta blog post. So in the video I had already stated that the video has not been posted publicly, I would like to clarify this; the video will be published some time next week and uploaded onto YouTube. The Video will be as stated in the video, speaking about the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas video game. One of the biggest reasons I decided to choose one game from the 3d trilogy of Grand Theft Auto Titles is because I decided to go with a quality over quantity approach. I feel like each of the games inside the trilogy have so much outside information about the game that I would not be able to each one of them justice by putting them in one video. 

As stated in the video, I have changed my analytical model to mainly consist of nostalgia and media reception towards the game with elements of media archaeology as well. In my original when I pitched my analytical framework I didn’t mention nostalgia. I received that feedback from a comment left on my pitch by one of my peers (comment screenshot below).


BCM 215 lectures Wk2, Wk 3, Wk 10.

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