The three elements of my DA

This week in our blog we have been tasked with discussing our Analytical Framework, my analytical framework is used to answer the question of how has grand theft auto san andreas remained such an iconic title in the gaming sphere and how has the game affected the gaming industry. The three concepts that have informed my research are Nostalgia, Public reception and Contextual analysis.

Nostalgia is very powerful when trying to understand how a game can remain so popular, when researching this question you have to look at how Nostalgia plays a role in the games continued popularity. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas popularity can definitely be attributed to Nostalgia. When researching this I have been trying to see how much Nostalgia has affected the popularity of GTA, I have read articles discussing how the soundtrack of the game evokes a sense of Nostalgia. 

In Terms of GTA SA impact on the gaming industry we have to look at public reception. In my research i have been focusing on the idea of moral panic, the Grand Theft Auto series has always been called out for it’s use of violence, sex and drugs but Grand Theft Auto San Andreas might be the most notorious. The Hot coffee mod is a perfect example of this moral panic in regards to the franchise. 

Contextual analysis is important in my research because I have to consider that the game was made in 2004. I have to look at the game through the lens of a reviewer of that time to really understand the impact the game had. This will also allow me to remove bias when looking at the game itself.

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