Bcm 241 Beta Feedback

So this week we had to give feedback to our peers regarding their Digital Artifact Betas, just like last time in our pitch feedback. I gave feedback to Taylor, Jess and Phoebe. I have provided screenshots below of the feedback I gave them. Overall I think they all did extremely well in their production of their digital artifact so far.

Through the process of giving feedback I gained a better understanding of the Digital Artifact and ways I can improve mine by giving feedback to my peers. When taking a step back at my own DA and looking at the others I think it allowed me to see ideas and concepts that previously I wouldn’t have thought of or comprehended that now I believe going into the final stages of DA, I think are invaluable.

I noticed many people in their beta’s, discussing online persona which i believe is an area of my DA i have struggled in. Due to seeing how others have carved out their online persona it has given me some late advice on how I can fix this. Also seeing how much other content has been affected directly by covid or been affected by things such as loss of motivation it has been good see as i have myself struggled in the production of this DA.

I truly believe that giving feedback is one of the best ways to improve your own work, it allows you to view others work and see it in a objective lens which helps yourself see your own work in that same objective lens.

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