Epiphanies Are Everywhere

So for this week’s blog we have been asked to discuss our authethnogrphical side of our research for our digital artifact. The question I’m attempting to answer in this study is how influencers affect the overall community as well as smaller creators. As a smaller creator myself I can definitely see how opinions as well as video ideas have spread around the community. I have three key observations I have made during my time observing and researching my media Niche.

Firstly Russel Westbrook, i am using the Russel Westbrook example as something i can use to compare my more recent observations to. Last season’s Russel Westbrook began the season poorly, a few creators began to make videos regarding the subject then the topic blew up and the consensus was that he was ‘washed up’. This is an example of influencers impacting the community. An article by Medium.com discussing influencer marketing was something I read that I believe can relate to this subject. While in this research i am not looking at marketing, you could apply some of the same concepts in which you sell and product as the same as an influencer’s opinions. I believe this article gave me valuable insight to the influencer-fan dynamic.

I have also been looking into the rise of popularity of one take videos, this content is normally one creator speaking on a particular issue or moment and is their unedit thoughts on the situation. I have noticed since last year this particular form of content has exploded in popularity. Originally Kenny made these styles of videos popular after he got millions of views and now more creators are following.

Also I have been observing trends on my own channel due to my lack of recent uploads. Before this point in the production stage I have not been able to analyze much recent data. Due to the fact i have previously used this DA for other BCM subjects i do have content on the channel and i have been analysing how the community different content styles and trends have influenced my own work.

Bcm 241 lecture wk7

Medium. 2021. Under the Influence: The Power of Social Media Influencers. [online] Available at: <https://medium.com/crobox/under-the-influence-the-power-of-social-media-influencers-5192571083c3&gt; [Accessed 13 October 2021].

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