My DA going forward

So in last week’s blog post I discussed the three topics I have observed in researching my media niche so far in my digital artifact as well as some new epiphanies.

One of the things I was looking at and discussed last week was how influencers impact the views of the community. A article discussed how sports journalism has moved away from objectivity and more towards personality based reporting. This is obvious when you look at sensationalist reporting that takes place in sports media, personalities like Skip Bayless have made careers on being divisive yet entertaining. This same principle can be applied to youtubers and other influencers in the NBA space. I believe this an example of how influencers can affect the community, i have also been looking into this in regards to the Russell Westbrook situation.

I have also been looking at the decentralised nature of the different platforms in regards to my niche. Decentralisation is important when understanding how the community works, for the online space where my media niche exists, it is completely decentralised. This allows creators to create the specific content they desire and means their views do not have to conform. I believe this is important to see how creators (youtubers, twitter personalities, etc) are viewed compared to traditional media personalities in the same space. From my observation I have viewed a more positive and personal connection towards influencers than their traditional counterparts. This leads me to my next epthinamy which is…

Authenticity. Authenticity plays a massive role in how an influencer is viewed. Due to the decentralisation of the internet and freedom of opinions, it has allowed creators in the niche to freely spread their opinions towards their fans. This is an important part of their persona, it allows fans to feel closer to the creators and be more willing to accept these ideas from the influencer. I believe this is how online influencers can have a large impact on the community.

I believe all of these features have given me significant ideas regarding my DA moving forwards, whether in terms of how I will be using this to observe and understand my niche or how I will use it on my own online persona.


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