BCM 241 contextual report

digital artifact link- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo-0xBKLxQx7vn3w1AnjqcQ

For my BCM 289 Ethnographies research study I’ve been looking into the niche community of NBA on YouTube and Twitter. My research mainly focused on attempting to answer the question of how influencers in the NBA sphere influence the community as well as other creators. I have decided to use a few examples from other members in the community that I have observed to help answer this question. A large aspect of this report is also me taking part in content creation inside this niche.

Firstly I want to discuss my findings in regards to how the community is impacted by influencers in the community. Since beginning this research I have observed many ways individuals in the community are impacted by influencers. From my observation I have noticed that there are a few key factors that come into this equation; online persona and decentralised nature of the internet. 

The decentralized nature of the internet is key in understanding how ideas and information is spread in the NBA sphere. As we are majority focusing on the online NBA sphere, we have to take into account how the platforms act in terms of content creation and spreading ideas. Differe 

Online persona in this case encompasses a large number of topics, for example I have noticed authenticity and reliability are key in how the community is impacted. For example, there are 3 key influencers in the NBA sphere: social media content creators (YouTubers), mainstream media personalities and players. I will be focusing on the first 2 predominantly in this section. Social media content creators i have noticed have a large sway in the community especially in the more hardcore fan’s eyes, i believe this is due to viewers have sense of authenticity from these creators. On the other hand certain mainstream media personalities do not have the same sway in the hardcore community but do have it on the more casual fan. For example I’ll be analysing Skip Bayliss, he is a notable member of the basketball community online. He is massively popular but Skip has an online persona as someone who is extremely polarizing. In an article by Ezra Klein, titled Why the media is so polarizing. Discussed the idea of media polarizing in modern media, it was in regards to politics but it can be interpreted onto the NBA niche. Polarizing characters in media draw attention to your product, overall this is great for viewership but definitely not in terms of reliability and authenticity. Through my observations I have noticed that a more seemingly authentic online persona is seen as more reliable. But the hardcore community only makes up a small portion of the NBA online sphere, the casual nba fan makes up a much large portion of the community. This means that the mainstream media personalities like Skip Bayliss have as impact on the community as smaller creators. 

This is all relevant to understanding how the NBA sphere functions and how opinions and ideas are spread throughout the community. Which is an important factor in understanding how this particular media Niche operates.

The other aspect of how influencers impact the community I was looking into as a part of this research report was how influencers impact other creators. As mentioned prior with the types of influencers in the NBA space, I will be predominantly in this section looking at more YouTubers. Firstly, as a part of this digital artifact I was creating videos on my own YouTube channel, so this section I can draw on my own experience as a smaller creator. The main aspect of this I’ll be covering is how content styles spread across the community. As an example I would like to use a recent example of this. Kenny Beecham who is a popular online creator in the NBA sphere began to create videos recapping most of the games that would happen in the NBA each day, giving his thoughts on players, teams and how good the games were. This particular style of video had been done previously by a smaller creator years earlier SDC, but unlike his Kenny’s videos were unscripted and allowed him to discuss topics and players he wouldn’t usually. This type of post-game reaction content was very successful for Kenny as he would gain a very solid following for this type of content. Due to the success of this type of content, other creators began to create these same types of videos. Rusty began to do the same and I believe creators like MoTown Noah, whose content is similar and less frequent, definitely borrowed elements of this style of video in their own work. As a smaller creator myself I have found that it is important to keep experimenting with your video style, you really need to identify the one you do best at and roll with it. I believe to understand how the NBA sphere is for creators you need to understand how the hierarchy of content creators goes. What I just discussed is what I believe is one of the most important aspects of how creators influence other creators in the community. 

Overall in regards to my Digital Artifact I believe that each of these elements discussed above are important to understanding the community and the niche. Overall I feel like through this autoethnographic study of my niche I was better able to understand how the community works and how it influences the people inside the community. This knowledge i’ve gained about the workings of the community has overall helped me in terms of content creation and production of my digital artifact.


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