The three elements of my DA

This week in our blog we have been tasked with discussing our Analytical Framework, my analytical framework is used to answer the question of how has grand theft auto san andreas remained such an iconic title in the gaming sphere and how has the game affected the gaming industry. The three concepts that have informedContinue reading “The three elements of my DA”

Games will not experience themselves

Games are not games until they are played, this was a quote from this week’s lecture that really made me think. Games themselves are just vehicles for us to experience a world crafted by the creators. This freedom allows players to have a truly interactive experience unlike any they have had in any other medium. Continue reading “Games will not experience themselves”

The feedback loop goes round and round

So last week for BCM 215 we were asked to create a pitch for our digital artifact. Now this week we have been tasked with providing feedback to others in our class about their digital artifacts. The feedback being provided through this task is related to the Rubric provided and our personal view of whatContinue reading “The feedback loop goes round and round”

Tiny me and my experience with a purple dragon

It’s sometime in the mid-2000’s a young Kyle has just come over to his Nan’s for friday night dinner, he runs to the spare room and boots up the old ps1 in the spare room and begins to play a game. Spyro: Year of the Dragon, even the title of Spyro gives me massive nostalgia.Continue reading “Tiny me and my experience with a purple dragon”