BCM 241 contextual report

digital artifact link- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo-0xBKLxQx7vn3w1AnjqcQ For my BCM 289 Ethnographies research study I’ve been looking into the niche community of NBA on YouTube and Twitter. My research mainly focused on attempting to answer the question of how influencers in the NBA sphere influence the community as well as other creators. I have decided to use aContinue reading “BCM 241 contextual report”

Epiphanies Are Everywhere

So for this week’s blog we have been asked to discuss our authethnogrphical side of our research for our digital artifact. The question I’m attempting to answer in this study is how influencers affect the overall community as well as smaller creators. As a smaller creator myself I can definitely see how opinions as wellContinue reading “Epiphanies Are Everywhere”

30 Clip Productions Field Map

Well well here you are again… Welcome back, how’s the kids. Well I’m back with another weekly blog post. Last week we discussed my media niche, which is of course basketball. I have previously used my 30 Clip Productions youtube channel in previous digital artifacts. So I have experience in interacting with my niche audienceContinue reading “30 Clip Productions Field Map”